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Our Orlando tile cleaning service will clean your tile and grout to a level that you cannot possibly match. We first apply effective cleaning solutions to your tile and grout, which loosen up all the ground in soil and then scrub it thoroughly with a floor scrubber. Finally, we use a high pressure, hot water tile spinner device that cleans very effectively. We can also seal your grout after cleaning if you desire. Rhino Power is a great choice for an Orlando tile cleaning.

The picture above was taken at a typical vacation home in Kissimmee, Florida. It did not appear to be very dirty until we began to clean it. Upon applying the pre-wash solution, we could see the soil begin to lift off of the tile as you can clearly see on the left side of the photo. After the tile scrubbing and tile steam cleaning, it looked like new. We offer tile cleaning in Osceola, Orange, Seminole and Brevard counties.

Often times, tile does not appear to be as dirty as it is, until it is cleaned correctly with appropriate solutions and equipment. Mopping a floor merely makes the tile smell better but it actually makes the grout dirtier by exposing the grout to dirty water that gets absorbed into the porous substance. Homeowner tile cleaning machines are relatively inexpensive but are not capable of providing the cleaning and flushing power of a professional machine that is capable of forcing 1000 psi of steaming hot water into the tile and grout and extracting it back out repeatedly. 

If you are curious about what to expect from our Orlando tile cleaning service, you can ask for a free demonstration of tile cleaning when we are cleaning either your carpet or upholstery. Most of the time, it is rather shocking how dirty tile is and how much a good cleaning improves its appearance.

Rhino Power's prices on Orlando tile cleaning have our customers and fairness in mind. We base our prices on what we feel is fair to our customers, not what many industry insiders feel we should be charging. By doing so, we feel that we provide a very good value and improve the condition of tile and grout in any home which we service.  We take tile cleaning in Orlando homes and businesses, very seriously.