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 Orlando Carpet Cleaning has never been better with Rhino Rotary machines performing 400 hot water cleaning passes per minute, flushing out dirt and contaminants far more thoroughly than other methods. By contrast, other cleaning methods do a "once over", initially making the carpet appear cleaner but usually leaving a lot of dirt behind, which becomes visible a short time later. Carpets must be vacuumed first and then we pre-spray the entire carpet (not just traffic lanes) with a very effective solution that is comprised of a food grade detergent; safe for you, your children, your pets and us. Most spot cleaning and stain removal are performed at no extra charge before we even begin cleaning the carpet. We have special steam cleaning wands that have swivel heads so that we can even clean under most beds and some heavy furniture. Couches, dining room chairs and such, are usually removed from their usual location so that we can clean under them. We then replace these pieces of furniture and apply furniture protectors so that they do not come into direct contact with the carpet while it is drying. During the actual cleaning process, the Rhino Rotary machine is rinsing with water and removing the pre-spray cleaning solution as well as the soil and contaminants from your usage. Deodorizer is included at no extra charge. When using the Rhino Rotary and cleaning at least 4 rooms, we also include the application of circular floor fans to dry the carpet very quickly so that you can begin using the carpets right away. Additional Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services offered include red dye stain removal via dye heat transfers, pet odor removal with comprehensive pad flushing, carpet stretching and trimming (using a power stretcher - not just a knee kicker) and Dupont Teflon stain protector.

If you want the best carpet cleaning in Orlando, try the Rhino Rotary machine. We also offer conventional steam cleaning  as a lower cost alternative to the Rhino machine.


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