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Orlando Commercial Carpet Cleaning by Rhino Power

Commercial carpet cleaning involves challenges that residential carpet cleaning does not. The carpet has a much lower pile and usually no padding, which affects vacuum airflow efficiency. Special equipment setups and techniques must be practiced in order to get great results. In addition, most commercial carpet is neglected for too long and this results in oversaturation of soil. Where does one go for correct commercial carpet cleaning  in Orlando? At Rhino Power, we have over 30 years experience and know the equipment secrets and techniques behind getting excellent results on this challenging carpet.  We have special, modified Rhino Rotary machines that develop more air velocity at the vacuum slots, in order to achieve proper water recovery, cleaning results and dry times. Sounds simple, right? It isn't. Most professional Orlando carpet cleaning companies have given up on hot water extraction for CGD (Commercial Glue Down carpet) and use an Encapsulation carpet cleaning method. In our opinion, Encapsulation methods hide the dirt more than remove it and therefore we prefer to use our special Rhino machines that are used only on CGD applications. These are different than the Rhino Rotary machines that we use on residential carpet but do an equally astounding job. Our CGD Rhinos produce 650 hot water cleaning passes per minute (5 vac/ 5 spray jet head spinning at 130 rpm's) and leave the carpet clean and only slightly damp. Don't take our word for it; try it once and see for yourself! Orlando commercial carpet cleaning at its very best!